Shielded Chamber

RF Shielded Chamber


  • We manufactures RF Anechoic Chamber with shielding effectiveness up to & Better than -100 dB. This can be achieved by using Pan Modular Structure along with Metallic gasket sandwiched between the two panels to protect RF Leakage.
  • Efficient and promising wireless gadgets are not difficult to find in market as shelves of every leading store is stuffed with them. Out of them, you can buy any that meets your requirements and budget in an ideal manner. These hi-tech products deliver commendable performance to make human life entertaining and convenient because makers prepare them with cutting edge technology. Moreover, check their performance on every ground before making them available for general public. You must know they check each and every device at a laboratory where outside signals could not enter. To stop unwanted frequencies, they make use of latest RF Shielding components. You must know this a proven technology therefore you will not face any kind of problem while using.
  • Beside high level companies even low level enterprises can reap the benefits of RF Shielding components without making any kind of compromise on financial ground. Actually, it is cost effective to serve everybody with uniform standards.


  • Shielded Door’s
  • EMI/EMC Power line Filters
  • Feed through wave guide
  • Shielded Windows
  • EMI/EMC CCTV Camera
  • RF Gasket


  • Shielding effectiveness up to & better than -100 dB.
  • Customized size as per our client’s suggestions.
  • Availability of portable shielded Chambers
  • Self Manufacturing of Shielded doors & Accessories.