RFI/EMI Shielding Paint

RF/EMI Shiel Paint

For shielding of walls, ceilings and floors.  These RF shielding paints are electro-conductive coatings for the protection against high-frequency (HF) radiation and (or) against low-frequency (LF) electric fields.  Typical areas of application are living areas (e. g. bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms), or the protection of whole buildings.


Areas of application

Living areas: Protection against HF-radiation from cell phone towers, TV and radio broadcasting antennas, radar, digital standard cordless telephones and wireless networks, etc. Protection against low-frequency electric fields from power supply lines, etc.

Industry: To prevent interception of data from wireless networks (“data-stealing”) and to prevent interception of potentially bugged conference rooms.

Science and R&D: Shielding of EMI-sensitive facilities and equipment.

Medical: Protection of sensitive technical equipment; to guarantee that important medical data is derived correctly and will not be altered by electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Electronic Industry (e.g. recording studios): To reduce induction and interference. Further applications: data centers, technical rooms, schools, nurseries, hotel rooms, hospital rooms, etc.