RF Anechoic Chamber

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Civil engineering is not only limited to erect residential and commercial buildings. Nowadays, it also helps to prepare specialized laboratories and chambers. The best example of this fact can be seen in the face of RF Anechoic Chamber. It is a restricted zone where any unwanted signal or radiation could not enter to create disturbance or reduce the efficiency of devices. It is such a stupendous feature as TV channels, radio stations and flight cabins can operate their business activities in a hassle free manner.

Besides above mentioned industries, wireless device making companies are big beneficiaries of RF Anechoic Chamber. It helps them to prepare quality gadgets without any distraction. If, you are also planning to reap the benefits of this new age facility then do not worry on any ground. There are many service providers in and around town which always remain ready to serve in a professional manner. You just need to make a single appeal to avail their assistance. It is easy to contact these service providers. Either pay a visit to market or take help from internet. You can use internet at any point of time as it keeps running round the clock and free of cost for consumers’ convenience.


  • Anechoic (none reflecting, echo-free) chambers are shielded rooms that attenuate outside signals. Anechoic chambers have been used to provide a shielded environment for radio frequency (RF) and microwaves.
  • RF anechoic chamber shields a test setup from RF noise from external environment and absorbs reflected signals generated inside the chamber.
  • Acoustic Anechoic Chamber experiments include measurement of directivity of noise radiation from industrial machinery.
  • An Anechoic Chamber generally consists of an RF shielded room which is either partially or fully lined with RF absorber material. It is used to perform several types of testing and measurements.
  • We undertake the projects on turnkey basis, including design of chambers, supply of absorbers, installation & Characterization of the chambers for specific applications.
  • An RF anechoic chamber is usually built into a screened room, designed using the Faraday cage principle. This is because most of the RF tests that require an anechoic chamber to minimize reflections from the inner surfaces also require the properties of a screened room to attenuate unwanted signals penetrating inwards and causing interference to the equipment under test and prevent leakage from tests penetrating outside.


  • Cost Effective.
  • 0.5 Watt/in2 or 775 Watt/m2 Power Handling.
  • Tested as per IEEE Standards
  • Fire Retardant as per NRL 8093
  • Temperature resistant
  • Long performance warranty
  • ROHS Compliance for safety.